September 08, 2020 2 min read

Where in heaven’s name did Fall go?  The American Thanksgiving Weekend is almost upon us and that means Fall is almost over. Normally I would be totally sad and depressed over that fact normally but my Eva Trends Tassel Sweater and leopard boots brought a smile to my face.

too early for snow and an eva trends fringe sweater

Eva Trends Sweater

Let’s just forget the snow for a minute let’s talk how lucky I am.  Just when I start feeling the winter blues and Spring envy is overwhelming fun packages arrive.  Eva Trends a company that in this modern age believes clothing is something that defines the personality, status and class of an individual. They bring the most unique and classy clothing. Dealing mainly in linen cotton loose fit feminine clothing.

I checked into the company and the designs and I knew instinctively we would pair together nicely. Plus they emphasize customer satisfaction and their clothing defines our personality characteristics in an elegant and beautiful way that pleases your mind.  For me that is perfectly illustrated with this amazing Eva Trends Sweater with tassels.  So very suitable for this time of year yet sadly no longer available. I did discover a new tassel cape that is a great substitute though.  Check them out, honestly they styles are so very unique.

Fall Envy

Please tell me I am not the only way totally jealous of my Insta Pals in the Southern States.  You know the ones I mean, they are wearing fun fall fashions including cute boots and lovely sweaters. And let’s not forget no heavy coats and boots….. honestly I could cry. My green eyes are shedding a tear over the fact that I once again need boots and gloves and tights.

For this day though I will forget sandals and sundresses and focus on leggings , boots and a fun tunic. I mean the fun print and colour is almost enough to make me forget it’s a sweater.

Today I paired the Eva Trends Sweater with a fun pair of Ponte pants from Giant tiger. Adding in a pearl necklace and a fun pair of leopard boots complete my keep it Fall look.

eva trends fringe sweater

enjoying fall in an eva trends fringe sweater

eva trends pink fringe sweater

pink eva trends fringe sweater

eva trends fringe sweater and mustache socks for movember

eva trends fringe sweater

leopard coat and boots

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