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You're not a one-size-fits-all woman. You know what you want, and Evatrends knows how to give it to you. We believe that women deserve clothing that makes them feel confident, beautiful and empowered in their own skin. That's why we design clothes for the "we" generation of diverse women who refuse to be limited by society's standards and limitations - or size! All our styles are designed with an evolved perspective on fit, form & function so they don't just look good - they fit great too.

Echoing Elizabeth L. Cline's proclamation that "Clothes could have more meaning and longevity if you think less about owning the latest or cheapest thing and develop more of a relationship with the things we wear. " evatrends.com envisions a wardrobe defined not only by fashion but also by momentum.

As clothes are to demonstrate personality and social status to the outside, they certainly course energy inward through the body. The road towards a better yourself is not necessarily paved with fashion; it's the momentum that needs stacking up along the way.

At evatrends.com, we believe such momentum can only be achieved when the look and the feel rhyme. We keep asking ourselves what we want our customers to feel and craft our products around this intention. Whether you are at the office or with friends, whether you are meditating or partying, evatrends.com is always ready to build up your momentum in a rhythmic manner.

We work closely with top-tier fabric manufacturers, designers, and artisans and update our products regularly, assembled is an arsenal capable of embedding energy into every piece of our products. We focus on women's clothes of plus size that are casual and loose (read: comfort), and are steadily expanding our vision to other categories that matter to women. Furthermore, we offer abundant flexibility that grants our customers more freedom to tinker with their specific needs; we are always keen on what you are looking for and willing to involve in the design process.

evatrends.com sets off to redefining the relationship between you and what you wear by prioritizing how you feel with a hybrid approach that is both texture and design wise. The customer support and logistics team extend our love and care and sustain a hassle-free shopping process that dwarfs the competition. Rest assured, your orders are not only at the finest sewing hands but being processed by strict procedures.

At evatrends.com, every customer is a blessing; every brush is a craft, every shipment is a pledge, so dress EVA and let your momentum trend.

Ownership : Evatrends belongs to 佛山市禹书科技有限公司

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No. 31, Block B, Yongjing Mall, Suiyan East Road, Yanbu, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province,China.

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