September 08, 2020 2 min read

What a crazy busy weekend, I almost have to be glad it’s Monday where routine returns to normal. OK totally kidding you, who is ever glad the weekend is over.  We did have a busy time filled with fun activities and awesome surprises. OK totally fibbing again. We did have company over for dinner on Friday but the rest was one of those “enjoy a lazy weekend” times.

I did start blog prepping for my two week vacation and I started packing.  Nothing like digging through sundresses and swimsuits to really depress you when there is a blizzard raging outside. Oh yea I also created a new tablescape, worked on some sponsored work and edited 300 pictures.  Good lord I should be exhausted right?



Geometric Print Tunic

Let’s just forget the snow for a minute let’s talk how lucky I am.  Just when I start feeling the winter blues and “Sun” envy is overwhelming I remember fun pieces in my closet. If you remember back in March I received a fun package from Eva Trends. A Company that in this modern age believes clothing is something that defines the personality, status and class of an individual. They bring the most unique and classy clothing. Dealing mainly in linen cotton loose fit feminine clothing.

Well they decided to cheer this old gal up and send her a few presents. I checked into the company and the designs and I knew instinctively we would pair together nicely. Plus they emphasize customer satisfaction and their clothing defines our personality characteristics in an elegant and beautiful way that pleases your mind.  For me that is perfectly illustrated with this Geometric Print or what I call a Patchwork in Blue. So very suitable for this time of year.  Check them out, honestly they styles are so very unique.  Eva Trends is also offering a 15% discount with the code LC15.

Dreaming of Warm Vacations and no Snow

For this day though I will forget sandals and sundresses and focus on leggings , boots and a fun tunic. I mean the fun print and colour is almost enough to make me forget it’s a sweater.  My Shoe Dazzle OTK Boots and MK leggings work so well with my Non-spring outfit don’t you think?

I had to add the hat and coat so you would get a true sense of the weather.  I literally needed both to continue the photo shoot.  Canada is really getting pummeled this winter.  No matter four more days till I head to Jacksonville and then the cruise. woohoo.


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