September 08, 2020 2 min read

Wearing my Eva Trends Gingham Dress at least one more time before it’s to late. Too Late, well that sure is a dooms day comment isn’t it? OK I seriously have no idea where time is flying to.  I realize that “they” were always right when I was younger.

You know who “They” are.  The ones who always provided sage advice we never wanted to listen to when we were young. People who said, stop wishing time away, soon enough you will realize how fast it actually does fly by.  Well folks “Some day” is here. For this amazing hump day I am trying to stop the clock and hold on as long as I can to all things summery.

eva trends blue plaid dress

When Time Flies

I swear to you it seems just yesterday that Labour Day was hitting, and now Thanksgiving jumped up. Life is funny, I use to pack away all my summer clothes on Labour Day. So excited to start wearing Fall Fashions I could not wait to pull out the boots and scarfs and sweaters. Then I started realizing Summer is too short and I delayed the seasonal transition until Thanksgiving.

When do you transition your wardrobe?  Are you a fan of getting more seasons out of fav pieces?  I truly love adding jeans under a dress, or a long sleeve tee.  Stretching the seasons for each wardrobe piece is a fun way to add depth to your look and create new styles. An Eva Trends Gingham is seasonally not challenged. I have worn this Spring, Summer and Fall.

Eva Trends Gingham

Y’all know how much I have been loving gingham this year, so how about this?   Yes I know the check is larger and it’s blue but I fell in love.  Plus as a bonus, POCKETS.  I swear if a dress has no pockets, I leave it behind. The Eva Trends Gingham dress is taking me into Fall yet again.

Today I added the cutest pair of stripe slingbacks as a contrast to the Eva Trends Gingham.  Shoe Dazzle came out with this stripe kitten heel last year.  Cute and comfortable of course. I added a few nautical accents and a navy blazer, fun but serious.  Work appropriate but play friendly. The best of all worlds coming together.

Eva Trends has been very very good to me.  The Athleisure dress, sweaters, and Cardigans just to name a few.  Next up I think I need to try their overalls.

eva trends blue plaid dress eva trends blue plaid dress eva trends blue plaid dress eva trends blue plaid dress eva trends blue plaid dress

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