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Happy Tuesday and welcome to 15 days till Christmas.  Holy cow where have the days gone.  I am back from my Fam Weekend annual shopping trip and boy did we shop.  Quite possibly I may have spent too much but had a blast with my mom and sisters.  Starting my week back in an Eva Trends Patchwork Tunic and a great attitude.

eva trends patchwork tunic

Family Trips and Gal Time

What a lovely weekend, the gals in the family away together.  I wish I had started going a few years earlier. Spending time reconnecting as senior adults has been great. Recognizing how our hobbies and habits have kept us connected is priceless.

It’s not about the shopping, although that’s a blast, it’s about haring the moments. Reflecting back on memories, shopping for the other family members for Christmas, catching up on whats been happening.  Three days and two nights just sharing.

Do you have special trips with your mom/sisters/cousins? Do you take time to ensure the family connections stay strong? We may not always talk on the phone but once we are together the days just melt away.

Bangor and Cross Border Experiences

Target, Burlington Coat Factory Kohl’s, and all the stores we don’t have in Canada. And let’s not forget Hobby Lobby and the Christmas Tree Shoppe.  Casey and I adore Hobby Lobby, my mom not so much.  WE have a routine though. Make sure mom has a book and she eventually goes to wait in the car as we browse and dream.

It’s not always about what you buy but rather how we get inspired.  Casey is a major crafter so she often gets ideas while shopping. I try and think of new ideas and Andrea just humours us.  Three of the sisters together planning.

This trip had us searching for a Dollar General because I had a particular craft idea.  I was on the hunt for a leaping wooden reindeer.  FYI never found one so if you know where I can find one let me know please. BUT my gps took us to a “DG” in a different area of Bangor so we stumbled upon Stephen Kings home.  Pretty cool and even Instagram when I created a story has the location set ” Stephen King’s Home”

A cool moment and an eye opener, how awful would it be to not even have the privacy of your home being just your home.  It’s an actual tourist attraction.

eva trends patchwork tunic by a tree

Eva Trends Patchwork Tunic

For today’s look, my Eva Trends Patchwork Tunic and my Shoe Dazzle OTK Boots.  A fun yet totally comfortable look.  Suitable for work, travel or shopping. For me that is perfectly illustrated with this Geometric Print or what I call a Patchwork in Blue. So very suitable for this time of year.  Check them out, honestly they styles are so very unique.

Leggings , boots and a fun tunic. I mean the fun print and colour is almost enough to make me forget it’s a sweater.  My Shoe Dazzle OTK Boots and MK leggings work so well with my Non-spring outfit don’t you think?

eva trends patchwork tunic on the porch

eva trends patchwork tunic in the morning

eva trends patchwork tunic 2

eva trends patchwork tunic near the front porch

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Rudolph Roberson
Rudolph Roberson

February 10, 2022

on the eve of the nights like these, I also wear patchwork clothes with high boots. This is really working for you. The clothes of you are convertible and I love the fact that you can style them in different ways.

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