SKU: EVA2070-S-A

Women's Cross-Border Dubai Style Embroidered Abaya Muslim

    Introducing our Women's Indonesia Cross-Border Dubai Style Embroidered Abaya, a blend of elegance and cultural flair. Crafted from Polyester and Striped yarn, its long sleeves boast intricate embroidery, adorned with popular sequins. Available in Pink, White, Gray, and Apricot, choose your hue to match your style. The sizing options cater to diverse body types, ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone. With meticulous attention to detail, this abaya exudes sophistication and charm, perfect for special occasions or everyday wear. Elevate your wardrobe with this exquisite fusion of Indonesian and Dubai styles.
            • Material: Polyester+ Striped yarn
            • Sleeves long
            • Graphic: Embroidery
            • Popular element sequins
            • Color: Pink / White / Gray / Apricot

    Size Details ( S / M / L / XL / 2XL )

    • Bust:101.6cm; Length:147.32cm;Shoulder:40.64cm;Sleeves:50.8cm(S);
    • Bust:106.68cm; Length:147.32cm;Shoulder:40.64cm;Sleeves:50.8cm(M);
    • Bust:111.76cm; Length:147.32cm;Shoulder:43.18cm;Sleeves:53.34cm(L);
    • Bust:116.84cm; Length:147.32cm;Shoulder:43.18cm;Sleeves:53.34cm(XL);
    • Bust:121.92cm; Length:147.32cm;Shoulder:44.45cm;Sleeves:53.34cm(2XL)