The Perfect Fit Women's Dungaree Overalls Collection

dark blue

Women's Dungaree Overalls Collection, crafted from premium denim cotton for comfort and durability. These overalls feature long trousers with a waist-high design and wide-leg pants for a trendy, relaxed fit. With functional pockets for added convenience, they come in classic navy blue and dark blue shades to suit your style.

Available in four sizes (M, L, XL, 2XL), our overalls cater to different body types. The M size boasts 112cm hips and a 109cm length, while the L size offers 116cm hips and a 110cm length. For a larger fit, choose XL with 120cm hips and a 111cm length, or 2XL with 124cm hips and a 112cm length. Elevate your fashion with these chic, versatile dungaree overalls.

    • Material: denim cotton
    • long trousers
    • waist high
    • pantswide leg
    • elements pockets
    • Color: navy blue; dark blue

Size Details ( M / L / XL / 2XL )

  • Hips: 112cm; length:109cm(M);
  • Hips: 116cm; length:110cm(L);
  • Hips: 120cm; length:111cm(XL);
  • Hips: 124cm; length:112cm(2XL);