SKU: EUK-12070-G-M

Get Easier Paisley Print Gown Robe Plus Size Kimono

  • Material: Cotton
  • Wearable In: Summer, Autumn, Spring
  • Paisley Pattern 
  • Along with Belt 
  • Kimono Broad sleeves
  • Color: Green

The perfect to cover up your dance costume, to use for a dinner party or just slip into in on a beautiful summer morning. This particular beauty has a Japanese feeling to it.

This robe is made to be worn either open or closed under the bust with matching strings.

As such, the fabric will have a unique look and sign of being loved and worn.

Size Detail: (M-L-XL)

  • Shoulder: 68.5 / 26.96
  • Sleeves: 22 / 8.661
  • Bust: 138 / 54.33
  • Length: 120.5 / 47.44