SKU: EVA0995-Y

Women's Retro Large Size Hooded Long Sleeve Pullover Denim Midi Dress

This is a women's dress that is made of denim, a durable and versatile fabric that is commonly used to make jeans. It has a hood and long sleeves, and it falls to the midi length, which means it reaches to the mid-calf. The dress is a pullover style, meaning that it does not have buttons or a zipper closure and is simply pulled over the head to be worn.This dress is likely comfortable and casual, and could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
  • Material: 91%-99%cotton
  • Fabric: Knit Denim
  • Length: mid-length
  • Sleeves: long
  • Color: yellow.purple,rose-pink,blue

Size Details ( one sizes [M-2XL])

  • Bust: 140cm / 55.1inch
  • Length: 90-98cm / 35.4 - 38.5inch
  • Shoulder & Sleeves: 65cm / 25.5inch