Jade - The Gemstone of Immortality

Jade, being the gemstone cherished for thousands of years, never disappoints. In all shades of greens, jade conveys the richest heritage of nature, and blossoms with the wearers as the days roll on.

The use of jade dates back to 3 millennium BC by the oriental ancestors, especially in the area of ancient China. Appreciated as royal and celestial, jade possess divine properties. It’s usually placed on the eyes of rulers so that negative forces can be blocked.

The history of jade has been shared by Italy, Russia, Burma, and the United States. While the asians top the consumers of jade, today non-Asian buys are more drawn to it than never before. Its combination of beauty, durability and meaning inspires the wearers’ highest spiritual desire, as well as the most down-to-earth cravings towards fortune, health and happiness.

Precise Handcraft

Eva Trends works with local craftsman and aspires to deliver extraordinary handcrafts without compromising the original quality endowed by nature. Different from standardized production, the handcrafting process assures the uniqueness of every piece of gemstone. Thanks to the mastery of the tools inherited, every gemstone has been processed at the most capable hands.

The Gentle Texture

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