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Smock Dresses

A classic and timeless piece that will always be a functional part of your wardrobe, the evergreen smock presents a unique amalgam of comfort and style. The versatility of this garment makes it easy to dress up for parties or dress down for a quick casual look. It has taken both runways and stores by storm and is all set to be a must-have for the summer season with a chic cut that looks flattering on almost anyone.

The smock dress is typically loose with a gathering around the bust. The sleeve length and hem can vary so you are sure to always find something that will fit your lifestyle. It is made with breathable and airy materials that can help you counter the scorching heat during summer. At Eva Trends, we have fashioned smock dresses for every occasion depending on your preferences.

The Perfect Prints And Breezy Hues

With all-inclusive sizes and a plethora of fabrics to choose from, everyone can now find the perfect attire. Our smock dresses are made up of a premium cotton blend that provides a relaxed yet elegant look. Floral prints stand out in this category: wear them on picnics or vacations for a feminine touch. ‘Giving Love’ and ‘Get Some Comfort’ floral smock dresses are the most popular choices amongst customers. Moreover, pick and choose from plaid cotton and retro designs for a trendy spin on your everyday ensemble.

At Eva Trends, we use an extensive color palette of cool, summer hues for our smock dresses. These include icy blues, light earthy greens, sunshine yellows, ruby reds, and more. Apart from printing, we have monochrome and plain multi-colored smocks as well for a chic, modish look. 

We understand our customers’ needs hence we have different variations in cuts too. We offer long and short-sleeved and sleeveless smock dresses. We also offer pleated, loose-fitted, and tiered smocks. Choose a style that suits you best and flaunt it to earn accolades.

Ace it with Accessories

Even though this garb is seen as casual, with the right materials and accessories, you can wear it anywhere! Smock dresses look best when accompanied by simple sneakers and a tote bag to tie the whole look together. That is not all! You can even adorn yourself with smock dresses when going out for date nights or a fancy party. Pair the velvety ‘In Your Heart’ dress with statement earrings and high heels for a classy vibe or add a blazer on top to appear more formal.

A plain belted jacket over a printed smock dress completely changes the game. A Denim jacket may work wonders too. For an afternoon out with friends, cinch it at the waist with a leather belt and complete the look with chunky boots. For a relaxed summer feel, a woven hat with strappy sandals will seal the deal.  

Care Instructions

If you want your smock dress to maintain its charm, you must wash it with care. Choose mild detergents and gentle cycles if you wish to machine wash. It is best to avoid bleach and hot water as they can damage the fabric. Follow the instruction label on the clothes and you shall have no issues.

All in all, our fun and flirty smock dresses are a perfect deal with so many designs and styles, there is no reason why you should hesitate to add them to your closet.