SKU: EVA1690-M

Modern Vintage Vibes Women's Loose Casual Overalls Dungaree

women's loose casual Dungaree made from high-quality denim cotton. These long trousers are designed for comfort and style, featuring multiple functional pockets to carry your essentials. Available in various sizes, including Medium (112cm length, 100cm waist, 124cm hips, 38cm thigh), Large (113cm length, 104cm waist, 128cm hips, 40cm thigh), Extra Large (114cm length, 108cm waist, 132cm hips, 42cm thigh), and 2XL (115cm length, 112cm waist, 136cm hips, 44cm thigh). Elevate your casual look with these versatile and trendy Dungarees – perfect for any occasion.
  • Material: Denim cotton
  • long trousers
  • elements pockets

Size Details ( M / L / XL / 2XL )

  • Length: 112cm;Waist: 100cm;Hips: 124cm;Thigh: 38cm (M);
  • Length: 113cm;Waist: 104cm;Hips: 128cm;Thigh: 40cm (L);
  • Length: 114cm;Waist: 108cm;Hips: 132cm;Thigh: 42cm (XL);
  • Length: 115cm;Waist: 112cm;Hips: 136cm;Thigh: 44cm (2XL)