September 08, 2020 1 min read

Today I have a fun switch for you. Started the day in kitten heels and ended with a bang, or Converse.    Plus hello, another dress from Eva Trends, a White A Line with the cutest trim. The Linen/cotton dress even without pockets is perfect for summer at the office. I know shocker I am raving over a dress that does not have pockets.  It does happen sometimes lol.



Paisley Kitten Heels from Shoe Dazzle

OK I totally know I was focusing on the converse and new hair but let’s reflect first.  How stinkin cute are the little kitten heels?  The slight paisley print in black and white is a non traditional look.The shoes were the perfect accent for my linen dress.

Eva Trends White A Line Dress

Eva Trends is killing it this season.  I am so loving the three pieces I received. An Athleisure Dress, a blue gingham number and then this adorable little summer number. This little A Line is sadly sold out.

Remember they emphasize customer satisfaction and their clothing defines our personality characteristics in an elegant and beautiful way that pleases your mind. Give them a try.      

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