Eva Trends Kimono and Fall Travel

February 15, 2022 2 min read

Happy Almost Friday, and this gal is road tripping this weekend ( and whole week actually). Yes you read that right. Finally a trip although not where we originally planned. In the meantime I thought I would share a fun look from last week. Eva Trends new fall Kimono and an Amazon dress.

eva trends kimono

Fall Road Tripping

So first lets talk travel because it has been a hot minute since I hit the road. Kent and I were all booked to head to the Poconos for a week of glof, shopping and all around adventure. If you recall we love the Pocono’s Mountain Villas and all they have to offer. Well imagine my disappointment when the US opted to keep “driving” Canadians from crossing the border for at least another month.

Disappointed did not cover my feelings but we pivoted quickly. We are now New Brunswick bound and staying on the North side of the border. Family visits, Sebastian snuggles and maybe a few tourist attractions thrown in for fun. Time to share the province of my birth.

eva trends kimono

Let’s talk Eva Trends for just one moment. Y’all know I love this brand and share often the pieces I have discovered. Blue Check Dresses, White Linen, sometimes even a Sweater Dress.

Eva Trends a company that believes clothing is something that defines the personality, status and class of an individual. They bring the most unique and classy clothing. Dealing mainly in linen cotton loose fit feminine clothing.

Well they decided to cheer this old gal up and send her this amazing Kimono.. If you recall, a few years agor I had a chance to work with Eva Trends. I fell in love with their clothing. I had checked into the company and their designs and I knew instinctively we would pair together nicely. They emphasize customer satisfaction and their clothing defines our personality characteristics in an elegant and beautiful way that pleases your mind.

Well this time they sent me the new Eva Trends Someone Who Loves Kimono, new for Fall 2021 and I adore it.

eva trends kimono

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Amazon Dress

TARAINYA Women’s Long Sleeve Swing Dress seemed the perfect pairing with the Kimono. Plus hello it has pockets how awesome is that. I am imagining so many different ways to style this dress. It will transition easily over the seasons.

Winter with tights or leggings, tall boots and awesome Cardis. Spring/Cool Summer with sandals. And of course Fall paired with awesome boots from Shoe Dazzle and a Kimono. I am also thinking skinny pants and a turtleneck will be a fun look.

eva trends kimono

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eva trends kimono

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