September 08, 2020 1 min read

Where in heaven’s name did Fall go?  The Thanksgiving Weekend is already upon us and that means Fall is half over. Normally I would be totally sad and depressed over that fact normally but my Athleisure Dress brought a smile to my face. My Eva Trends Adidas Dress is a fun look for work.



 Eva Trends Adidas Dress

How fun is this dress?  The dress reminded me of the Adidas that I wore growing up. Yes I realize Adidas are still worn today. They are very popular but back in my day this stripe was da “bomb”. We wore the pants, and the jackets and yes even the traditional sneaker all with the infamous white stripe. Plus let’s not forget the gym bag, which we actually used for gym clothes go figure.

Adidas’ logo is three stripes, which is used on the company’s clothing and shoe designs as a marketing aid. The branding, which Adidas bought in 1952 from Finnish sports company Karhu Sports, became so successful that Dassler described Adidas as “The three stripes company” The brand name is uncapitalized and is stylized with a lower case “a”

Recognizing my dress only has two stripes but it really does remind one of the classic stripe doesn’t it? I have renamed this the Eva Trends Adidas Dress for fun.


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