October 05, 2016 2 min read

Have you ever realized that all of the favorite fiction that you have read till date is just a different combination of 26 alphabets? Quite similarly, fashion is all about playing with various combos of tops and lowers. Adapting styles that suit your figure, height and looks are the absolute key to fashion aesthetics.

Webster defines fashion as ‘a popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people’. The way the graph of  fashion disasters  is inclining day by day, I believe, fashion is more about a statement to fit in rather than being popular. Not everything trending is worth to give a try as the way you dress speaks volumes about you before you actually start speaking.

Here are some  hacks compiled for you to keep your fashion game perfectly on point.

1. Don’t Overdo it

No matter if you have a petite figure or curvaceous, just wrapping around a dress and adding details to its fitting is a big no no. Similarly, going for a too loose top might look like you are falling outta that outfit. Maintaining the balance is the ultimate trick.

2. Dress up in harmony

The attire you put up should be blended in. For example, if your apparel consists of a simple jeans and top, there should be a combination in the cut i.e. loose top and skinnies or vice versa. Also the colours should be in combination or follow contrast color families.

3. Do accessorize

Adding accessories like high heels or high ankle boots can add a formal touch to your otherwise semi formal dress. Also, a bag or a hat can provide intricate details to the overall look.

4. Don’t put up all of it

Your appearance shouldn’t look like you are trying too hard. There is no need to wear or apply every accessory that you own. Unless, which I doubt, you want to look ostentatious.

5. Don’t loose originality

Staying natural is staying beautiful. Even if you are copying or replicating any particular celebrity or look, don’t get too edgy. Keep your natural touch so that you do not look like their xerox.

6. Opt for Make-Overs

Even if you are not very adventurous, taking makeovers at least every two years is a must. Carrying your high school hairstyle until you are thirtyish sounds too safe. Just a tinge of latest hair color and an updated wardrobe is all subtle makeovers require.

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