Difference Between Dungarees and Jeans

August 13, 2023 7 min read

Denim garments are a staple piece in any wardrobe. It is one of the most versatile fabrics in modern fashion and can be utilized as a pair of pantsjeansjackets, dungarees skirts, and even dresses. From casual outings to high-profile events, denim effortlessly bridges the gap between comfort and style, making it an enduring favorite.

Difference Between Dungarees and Jeans

Yet, amidst the widespread admiration for this fabric, there lies a persistent confusion: the difference between ‘Jeans’ and ‘dungarees.’ Jeans typically have a waistband, a zipper or button fly, and two separate pant legs. They come in various styles, fits, and cuts, such as skinny, straight, bootcut, and more. Dungarees are a one-piece garment featuring attached suspenders that pass over the shoulders and cross at the back, holding the pants portion up.

Women's Jeans and dungarees

In a fashion landscape where trends evolve swiftly, it is easy to find oneself uncertain about the appropriate term to describe these denim wonders. Are they jeans? Or perhaps, they are dungarees? Are these terms interchangeable or do they signify different styles altogether?

The conundrum lingers, but fear not. This blog sets out on a journey to untangle the intricacies of denim's diversity by shedding light on the differences between jeans and dungarees as well as their history and evolution.

 The History of Dungarees and Jeans

What started out as a sturdy fabric used to construct tents, quickly transformed into trousers thanks to the genius of Levis Strauss. This garment was originally created as workwear that could withstand long hours of labor. Using metal rivets, the first pair of ‘jeans’ was actually a pair of high-waisted dungarees. 


During the 1940s, this material transitioned from workwear to everyday wear thanks to movie stars such as Marlon Brando and James Dean. This led them to become the apparel of the youth and that is how the denim trousers we know today as ‘jeans’ came to be. 

 1940s dungarees

Jeans and dungarees have evolved from utilitarian workwear to a symbol of individuality, rebellion, and global fashion. Their journey through time has been marked by innovation, adaptation, and a consistent focus on marrying style with functionality. 


Whether you are drawn to their rugged charm, effortless versatility, or cultural significance, these two garments continue to occupy a cherished spot in wardrobes worldwide. So next time you slip into your favorite pair of jeans, remember that you are wearing a piece of history woven into the fabric of modern style.

 History of Dungarees and Jeans

What Are Jeans?

Jeans, in their essence, are a type of pants crafted from denim fabric. Denim, a sturdy cotton textile known for its durability and distinctive pattern, forms the foundation of these versatile garments. However, what truly sets jeans apart are the signature features that have come to define them:

 1.Five-Pocket Design

The quintessential five-pocket layout includes two front pockets, two rear pockets, and a small coin pocket. This design not only adds a touch of practicality but also contributes to the recognizable jeans’ aesthetic.

2. Rivets

A game-changer in denim design, rivets are small metal studs placed at stress points like pocket corners and the base of the fly. These rivets reinforce the fabric, preventing tear and wear and extending the lifespan of your jeans.

3. Stitching Details

The artistry lies in the intricate stitching details that adorn jeans. Contrasting thread colors, intricate patterns, and reinforced seams not only contribute to the visual appeal but also add to the overall durability.

 What Are Jeans?

What Are Dungarees?

In the realm of fashion, certain garments transcend trends and become timeless classics. Dungarees are a piece of clothing that has been around for centuries, perfectly exemplifying this phenomenon. From their humble beginnings as sailor's attire to their contemporary status as style staples, let us delve into how they came about and what defines them.

The story of dungarees is quite interesting. In the late 17th century, Indian workers wore rugged clothing made from a coarse fabric called ‘Dungri’. This was exported to England in the 18th century, and Englishmen made durable workwear with it which was given the name ‘Dungaree’.

 women's Dungri

Dungarees are a distinctive type of clothing, typically constructed from denim fabric, although they often feature a variety of materials. Unlike pants, dungarees encompass more than just legwear. They include straps that go over the shoulders and can be secured with buttons or buckles. These key elements contribute to the unique identity of dungarees:

1. Suspenders 

 The defining feature of dungarees is the straps or suspenders that loop over the shoulders, allowing for easy adjustment and providing a secure fit. These straps give dungarees their signature look and make them instantly recognizable.

2. Buttons and Buckles

The straps of dungarees are often attached to the front with buttons or buckles. These fasteners not only serve a functional purpose but also add an element of style and customization to the garment.

In today's fashion landscape, dungarees are celebrated for their versatility and ability to cater to a range of preferences. Whether you are aiming for a laid-back, retro-inspired look or a chic, contemporary ensemble, dungarees offer a canvas for self-expression. They can be paired with various tops, footwear, and accessories to create outfits suitable for different occasions, from casual outings to semi-formal gatherings.

 Buttons and Buckles

The Contrast Between Dungarees and Jeans

Although both of these garments have different features, they can be easy to confuse. These two iconic pieces share a denim heritage, but they each possess distinct characteristics that cater to different style preferences, occasions, and functional needs.

Some key differences include:

1.The Distinct Style

  • Jeans typically feature a five-pocket design and start below the waist. 
  • Dungarees start from shoulder straps and appear to be jumpsuits or overalls. They have extra fabric that covers the torso and is called a bib. It is held in place by suspenders. Dungarees have pockets on the bib and legs. 

2. Difference in Fitting

While both cater to different styles and cuts, they have a certain typical image of how each would look.

  • Jeans are meant to provide a snug fit for a crisp, smart look.
  • Dungarees are often favored for their relaxed fit and loose style.

3.The Variance in Fabric

  • Jeans have become synonymous with denim and therefore come in only this fabric. Though blue is the favorite color, it also comes in other shades such as black and gray. 
  • Dungarees are more of a style and can be made in a plethora of materials. At  Eva Trends, we offer denim, cotton, polyester, and corduroy dungarees.

4. Difference in Wearability

  • Jeans offer a range of fits and styles that cater to various occasions, from casual to semi-formal. 
  • On the other hand, dungarees, including overalls and jumpsuits, stand out for their practicality and unique style, making them favorites in industrial and outdoor environments.


Jeans and Dungarees at Eva Trends 

 Fashion is an ever-evolving phenomenon, and it is fascinating to see the captivating transformation denim has undergone. No one does it better than Eva Trends as we have given our own modern spin and breathed new life into these timeless pieces. 

Here are some of our standout jeans and dungarees that carry the history of denim and contemporary trends alongside each other.


  1. Distressed Denim

The allure of distressed denim has taken the fashion world by storm. Ripped, frayed, and faded, distressed jeans and dungarees exude a casual yet edgy vibe which you will find in our extensive catalog. 

This trend embraces the vintage aesthetic, breathing new life into worn-in clothes. Our personal favorites are In My Mind Ripped Denim Pant and State of The Heart Denim Ripped Cropped Overall Dungarees.

Women's Overalls Dungarees

  1. Flattering Cuts

The spectrum of jeans cuts has expanded beyond traditional boundaries. For every style, preference, and fit, we have numerous options that you can choose from. Retro jeans are all the craze these days and we carry both Denim Harem Pants and High Waist Overall Dungarees for the casual vibe. 

If you wish to have a relaxed fit, the Starry Eyes Denim Baggy Cropped Pant is the one for you. These diverse cuts cater to a wide range of body types and style preferences.

Denim Baggy Dungarees


  1. Embellishments and Accents

Denim has become a canvas for artistic expression, with embellishments and accents adding a touch of personality. Embroidery, patches, studs, and even paint splatters infuse a sense of individuality into it. 

Women's Embellishments and Accents

These creative additions at Eva Trends, transform jeans into wearable art, allowing individuals to showcase their unique style. Choose from our Town & Country Overall Dungarees and Cozy and Stylish Women's Embroidered Bottom.

Jeans and Dungarees at Eva Trends

Frequently Asked Questions

    Q:1 How do I style Dungarees for a picnic?

      Dungarees and picnics are the perfect pair and require minimal effort. You can wear a bright-colored T-shirt with a pair of light-washed dungarees and comfortable shoes. Sneakers and sandals should do the trick. You can also add accessories such as a hat to complete the look.

        Q:2 Can I wear jeans as part of a formal outfit?

          Yes, you can definitely incorporate jeans into a formal outfit, provided they follow certain guidelines and choose the right pieces to complement the jeans. Aim to keep the outfit balanced with a pair of tailored straight jeans and a dress top. You can also add a blazer and loafers to finish the look and appear professional.

            Q:3 Why do some people call jeans, dungarees?

              Some people, especially those who are old, call jeans dungarees because when the latter originated, it referred to blue denim. Since the late 1800s, trousers made from blue denim were called dungarees. It later evolved into being called jeans, which is a common term for denim trousers today. Hence some old people still call a pair of denim trousers dungarees and not jeans. 

                Q:4 Do dungarees have to be denim?

                  No, dungarees can be of polyester, cotton, and corduroy as well. These versatile pieces are worn by women from all walks of life and can be used as workwear or styled for an urban adventure.     


                  Dungarees and Jeans - The Wardrobe Essentials!

                  In conclusion, the contemporary interpretations and trends in jeans and dungarees highlight the dynamic nature of fashion. As you navigate your wardrobe choices, remember that both jeans and dungarees have their place, offering you the opportunity to showcase your personal flair while meeting the demands of different settings. What better way to expand your unique style than the chic ensembles at Eva Trends? Move beyond basicness and shop from us today!



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