August 24, 2020 1 min read

Kimono is known for a traditional Japanese dress which means “a thing to wear” used to wear for a party, at home, or for any event. As a fashion, Kimono was introduced in Muromachi period in 1392.

Kimono is season friendly wear and versatile that women of any age can wear. Women usually wore it with different accessories according to their marital status. This is also heard that a woman who wears a Kimono is having an iconic image in society.

Cotton Kimonos are worn in summer or spring season. On the other hand, silky kimonos are usually worn in winter or autumn season. Kimonos are always easy to wear for the party. You can wear them with skirts, pants, and a camisole inside for the summer season.

Traditional Kimonos were having a belt but modern ones do not have it. Modern Kimonos are every day easy to go wear for a woman that creates a fashionable outfit. mostly modern Kimonos have fringes. More often, modern ones are of Bohemian style mostly.  Simple Kimonos are mostly silky but the cotton ones are mostly floral printed or either consist of different geometrical patterns.



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