SKU: EVA1791-S-G

Women's Your Perfect Fit Baggy Yoga Pant Bottom

Green(Velvet and thickening)
Purple(Velvet and thickening)
hemp(Velvet and thickening)
Black (Velvet and thickening)
yellow(Velvet and thickening)
Introducing "Your Perfect Fit" Baggy Pant Bottoms for women – a blend of style and comfort. Crafted from Ramie and Cotton, these long trousers offer a plush feel. The pocket style adds a modern touch, and the waist-shaped mid waist ensures a flattering silhouette. Choose from the rich palette including Green, Black, Hemp, Purple, and Yellow, each with a velvet and thickening finish for added luxury. Available in S, M, L, and XL, these bottoms cater to diverse preferences. With lengths ranging from 94cm to 102cm and thoughtful measurements, these pants are tailored to be your perfect fit, enhancing your confidence with every step.
    • Material: Ramie & Cotton
    • long trousers
    • pocket style
    • Waist-shaped mid waist
    • Color: Green(Velvet and thickening); Black (Velvet and thickening); hemp(Velvet and thickening);Purple(Velvet and thickening); yellow(Velvet and thickening)

Size Details ( S / M / L / XL)

  • Length: 94cm; Hips: 122cm; waist: 62-96cm; Thigh: 70cm (S-M);
  • Length: 98cm; Hips: 126cm; waist: 65-100cm; Thigh: 72cm (L);
  • Length: 102cm; Hips: 130cm; waist: 68-104cm; Thigh: 74cm (XL)