Vintage Dresses

Eva trends maxi dress, Lace dress, floral dress, Maxi dress, Long Dress, Summer dress, Short Sleeves, Vintage Collection, Square neck, Buckle style dress, Printed floral, Maxi Salopette Dress
Eva trends maxi dress, Lace dress, floral dress, Maxi dress, Long Dress, Summer dress, Short Sleeves, Vintage Collection, Square neck, Buckle style dress, Printed floral, Maxi Salopette Dress
Here's looking Printed Floral Maxi Salopette Dress
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Here's looking Printed Floral Maxi Salopette Dress

Vintage Dresses

A dress for a woman is an indispensable piece of clothing that has come to define femininity since time immemorial. Whether it be structured silhouettes, A-line dresses cinched at the waist, or airy Kaftan dresses, every culture has its own version of this type of garment. There is a diverse variety of different colors, designs, and cuts, and you can find them all at Eva Trends.

Voluminous vintage-inspired dresses have always been in vogue. They have been loved and donned by women from all over the world in every era. Finding that perfect dress that accentuates the features, brings out the color of the eyes, and complements the skin tone is every woman’s dream. We bring to you an extensive exquisite collection that will help you get your dream dress for any occasion!

Pairing Perfection And Panache 

Our dresses are made using the finest materials and dyes, hence they maintain their charm, exude perfection and last for a long time. You will find fabrics, prints, designs, cuts, buttons, sleeve shapes, and lengths of all kinds in this category. If you are looking for an ensemble for an evening event or a fancy dinner party, go for our silk maxi dresses that looks extremely elegant. You can even opt for a slip dress with a warm fur coat. 

For occasions such as brunches or picnics, you can select one of our midi dressesthat are slightly below the knees which makes for a sophisticated choice. In this category, we have options for both formal and informal wear. Moreover, if you want something loose-fitting yet chic, choose from our collection of smock dresses and beautifully patterned kaftans. They offer both style and comfort to the wearer while being eye-catching and beautiful. 

Other than that, we have sweater dresses for the brutal winter, shirt dresses for the working woman, and salopettes dresses for the vintage lover. Every outfit has a unique personality of its own that will bring out the best in you. Choose from a wide array of options available at affordable prices. All our sizes are inclusive keeping in mind our customers and their preferences.

A Myriad Of Magnificent Prints And Designs

Our wide collection of prints and designs have been inspired by different eras. From pretty florals to checks and stripes, abstracts, monochrome, and angelic whites, you will find them all under one roof. There is no dearth of designs either. Go for an A-line dress with the matching belt tied at the waist to flaunt the perfect silhouette or opt for a midi with gathers and pleats to personify glamor and poise. Pair our dresses with modern elements such as a delicate pendant, silk or net gloves, and high heels to create a timeless look. 

Care Instructions

In order to get the best out of these dresses it is imperative to follow the care instructions according to their fabric:

  • For silk, hand washes your dress with cold water and mild soap. Turn the dress inside out for better results. Avoid bleaching, tumble drying, and machine washing. 
  • For cotton and polyester, you can machine wash your dress in water under 30°C. Tumble drying is not recommended. It is better to hang your clothes dry. For whites, you can spot use bleach but do not overuse it as it will ruin your dress in the long run.

At Eva Trends, we want every woman to feel more confident and beautiful than ever before, hence we have put together a wonderful collection of dresses. Get one that defines you the best!