SKU: EVA1843-M-R

Women's Casual Cool Cartoon Printed Ripped Dungarees

Introducing our Women's Cartoon Printed Ripped Dungarees, a playful twist on a classic style. Crafted from durable denim, these high-waisted trousers add a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe. Available in vibrant Red and timeless Black, they feature stylish cartoon prints for a fun and trendy look. Choose from sizes M to 2XL for a comfortable fit. Size details include M (77cm length, 124cm hips, 74cm thigh, 100cm waist), L (78cm length, 128cm hips, 76cm thigh, 104cm waist), XL (79cm length, 132cm hips, 78cm thigh, 108cm waist), and 2XL (80cm length, 136cm hips, 80cm thigh, 112cm waist). Elevate your fashion game with these uniquely designed ripped dungarees.
    • Material:denim
    • Waist type: high waist
    • Length: trousers
    • Color: red, black

Size Details ( M / L / XL / 2XL )

  • Length: 77cm; Hips:124cm;Thigh: 74cm; Waist: 100cm(M);
  • Length: 78cm; Hips:128cm;Thigh: 76cm; Waist: 104cm(L);
  • Length: 79cm; Hips:132cm;Thigh: 78cm; Waist: 108cm(XL);
  • Length: 80cm; Hips:136cm;Thigh: 80cm; Waist: 112cm(2XL)