Shipping Delays due to Covid-19

We are extremely sorry about the recent delays in orders of April and begining May. Although we have overcome the issue starting mid may and all orders are being shipped and delivered on time.

There is a calamity the world is going through with Covid-19. We are getting alot of complains regarding delayed shipment, even though above 98% of the orders are being sent on time yet they suffer huge delays in shipping route. Although we have implemented 2 shipping policies, one being free i.e. "standard free shipping" and second being "express shipping" charged at $15 and get your order delivered within 5-9 days at best. The delay is mostly to the orders shipped with standard free shipping.

Here are some of the reasons explaining the delays of standard shipping.

Reduced Workforce & Restricted working Hours

First of all businesses and logistics in all corner of the world has disrupted their usual working strength and suffered hugely. There are limitation from government to have not more than limited no of staff working at any time besides restricted working hours. The world is in Lockdown as we all know of for the safeguard of workers, community and whole. The reduced workforce has affected all parts of any business including products, office work, shipping, support and everything else. 


Extra Measures & safety precautions for Covid-19

Governments have implemented a strict check & routine not only for social gathering but in all parts of life around us. Shipping is no exception. Parcels are being checked thoroughly and disinfected in every phase of transfer, from factories to carrier trucks to planes/trains to sorting facility at any city/country to local delivery courier. This has impacted delays in shipping because no one can compromise with health and fighting covid-19 has been one of the toughest challenge world has faced since hundreds of years.


Masks & Medical Supplies Priority

In port of entry to any country, there are huge shipments of masks & medical supplies which are getting NO.1 priority in clearance and yet there are more coming in daily. The governments had to make the medical supplies first priority as life saving drugs/equipments are more important than anything else. This has caused all other business parcels/shipments to suffer delays as well. Especially in LA in USA and Heathrow Airport in London where there are huge chunks of Masks & Medical supplies.


Unforseen Fedex Delays

We usually ship with best service available and FedEx was our priority, untill they suffered one of the biggest hit for covid-19 and thousands of orders get stuck in their facility for weeks over weeks.


Re-Routing of Parcels

As lots of our parcels were sent via FedEx and got stuck for weeks in their facilities / system, we had to re-route parcels to USPS and other couriers, which caused even more delays. Since alot of business did the same and shifted to USPS thus causing USPS to overload with parcels, yet USPS stumble but did manage to keep on delivery parcels even with some delays, please understand that all these shipping companies have Millions of parcels to manage.


Re-Routing even tracking update shows parcel in destination city

The last phase of delay happened when local sorting facility of city been flooded with millions of parcels and yet had to pass rigorous checking of every parcel thus causing another layer of delay on top of everything. USPS did something out of the box to reduce already delays, they re-route parcels from destination city facility to another city's courier which had lower flow and thus distributing the load even to farther city which finally managed to delivery items in the end.


We can only request our customer to kindly understand that delays are beyond our or anyone's control and its not only we are being affected, all businesses and life is affected. Covid-19 has caused not only disruption in business but taken millions of lives already and all the responsible organizations / departments / governments are on their toes and fighting a tough war against this pandamic.