Credit Card Transaction Protocols

The Federal Trade Commission USA estimates that 9 million Americans suffer identity theft annually. 

Our Team proactively monitors your account for any unusual activity. If we see any problem, we'll place a hold on those transactions and will alert you right away.

We may require some more information as stated below in order to verify the transaction.

  • We may request you to send a snapshot of your credit card showing only the first 6 and last 4 digits. This is the best way to quickly verify your transaction.

  • We may require you to verify the Bank Name linked with your Credit Card.

  • We may require you to provide the CVV2 (Visa) or CVC2 (MasterCard) three digit number located on the signature panel of the credit card.

  • We may require you to provide a fax/scan/snap copy of your driver license or ID card.

  • Get it in writing. We may require you to sign a contract that spells out the specific product / services you have purchased from us. You can return the signed contract via fax or email, or sign it electronically online or with a fingerprint via a smartphone application. The key is to get the customer's authorization in writing.

Click to download the contract
Please print this and send us the scan/snap copy of this contract with your signature