Kimono Gown

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Kimono Gown

A modern take on traditional Japanese formal wear the kimono has much to offer in terms of style and elegance. This T-shaped apparel has evolved into a more westernized and casual piece of clothing. What started out as layers of draped fabric has been transformed into duster robes that have an accompanying sash to tie it together. The lightweight materials used for its stitching allow the garment to be used as outerwear as well as loungewear.

In today’s fashion scene, the kimono is a statement piece that can uplift an otherwise uninteresting outfit. If you are looking to add a more personal and unconventional vibe to your dressing sense, the kimono gown at Eva Trends is the perfect addition to your closet!

Our Fascinating Wide Range

We present a great variety of prints in this style. Most of them have been inspired by nature adding a touch of exuberance and vitality to the overall look. Florals, peacock, bohemian, tie-dye, and even bird prints are some of the choices we have to offer. The vibrant color scheme along with the unique patterns is sure to make you a trendsetter. For those who like a monochrome look, we also have exquisite prints in black and white. 

Our kimonos are made of cotton, cotton viscose, polyester, and rayon that over maximum comfort and wearability. It comes in two variations: the long kimono that reaches the heels and a short one that goes to the mid-thigh level. The sleeves are wide allowing for non-restricted arm movement. The robe itself is loose-fitting and airy with a sash of the same fabric available if you wish to tie it.

Flaunt It with Fervor

With a versatile piece of clothing like a kimono, it is easy to be the center of attention everywhere you go. You can wear this eye-catching garment almost anywhere! Hit the beaches in our Abstract Print Multicolor kimono or our Floral Print Yellow Color Polyester Long Length Gown Robe that doubles as a bikini cover-up. The breathable fabric makes it essential on pool and beach trips under the scorching sun transforming a simple swimsuit into something super fabulous!

A kimono can instantly glam up any outfit may it be a bodycon dress or a crop top with denim shorts. You can even pair an elegant Floral Print Red Polyester Gownwith a chic black dress for a night out adding a coquettish vibe to it. If you like a fitted look with a flare, you can do a short kimono cinched at the waist with a pencil skirt.

Kimonos being extremely soft and luxurious can even make for the perfect lounge and nightwear. A revealing night dress can be made demure with one of our flamboyant gowns. Kimonos are so multifaceted that you can even put one on just to do errands in style!

Care Instructions

In order for you to get the most out of your kimono, proper care is vital. Simply, wash our kimonos with our hands using warm or cold water. If you are using a machine, set the cycle to normal and use a gentle cleaner. Wash them inside out. Do not bleach or use abrasive cleaners as they might affect the brilliant colors.It is best to avoid tumble drying and instead opt for hang drying. Remove any stains immediately so your kimono is not ruined. Do not forget to check the instructions on the clothing label.