SKU: E9871R

Bride To Be Floral Print Red Cotton Viscose Long Length Gown Kimono

A Vibrant Red Very Soft Cotton Kimono with Bohemian Print for the Chic style lover. The contrasty border style on sleeves, bottom and trim makes the red appear more bolder and speaks for itself.  
  • Material: 90% Cotton, 10% Viscose
  • Vibrant Red base with Bohemian Pattern Print
  • Comfort Relax fit with Belt 
  • Kimono Broad sleeves with armpit wide opening
  • All season wear, especially in Summer n Spring

Size Details: 

Shoulder 77 / 30.3 Sleeves: 21 / 8.6 Bust: 140 / 55 Length: 124 / 48.8

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