September 08, 2020 3 min read

I don’t usually shop online for clothes, let alone shop with a company outside of the United States. I have heard disturbing stories from customers that have purchased clothing online. These companies have pictures of fabulous clothing to only send the customer something completely horrid that does not match the photos at all. No thank you!

black-topThe key to finding a great online company to order from is to trust the customers not the models. So here I am!  A real customer that spent my own hard earned money and took a chance on Eva Trends.

I am sure all of us have had one of those binge moments where we had a little extra cash to spend and ended up saying “Why not?” Luck was on my side because I actually had a great experience. I had been looking for ‘BoHo chic’ places to shop and stumbled on this cute website called Eva Trends on Facebook. I went back and forth looking at reviews and clothing for about a week before I decided to say screw it and take the plunge.

Taking the Plunge

The clothes looked high-quality, were moderate in price and just my style. I loved that the clothes were all made from natural material like cotton, linen, and silk. Shopping on the website was easy and they have a 24-hour customer service chat on their website. I got a salesperson that walked me through my order, making sure I took into account the model’s size in the picture and that my measurements were correct for each item. Of course, I asked about their working conditions, being the hippie that I am, and she informed me that they treat their employees well and pay them fair wages, which is so important to me.


Stylish at Any Size

I have to say, these clothes make me feel beautiful, confident and they are super comfy, which is HUGE. I love to be fashionable but comfort is also important to me. What really makes me happy is that they have plus sizes that are stylish and items that can be custom-sized too.

Finding a place that is so chic and makes me feel gorgeous regardless of my size is definitely a must and makes me want to come back. I decided to do a mini- photo shoot because I was feeling happy in my skin. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and Eva Trends caters to all women. I love that!


Eva Trends: A Winner

I ended spending a few hundred dollars and got free shipping. I expected my items to take forever since they were coming from the UK, but they only took about a week. The items came in these cute flowered bags, with a thank you note and a small gift. It was super cute and thoughtful.

Unfortunately, one of the items did not fit the way I wanted and I thought, “Oh here we go. I am sure the refund will be slow coming”. But they actually emailed me a shipping receipt immediately and they refunded my money within 48 hours. I was highly impressed and was completely satisfied. The items that did fit well were just perfect and are still major items I wear all the time. I now order from them at least every couple of months.

dress-eva trends

Keep in mind, I am not a professional product reviewer nor do I review just any company. I try and look for companies that have similar values as Going2Natural and companies that put their customers first.

My money and where I spend it matters to me. When I find a company I love like Eva Trends, I feel like sharing is caring.  So I decided to do just that!  Hope you check them out and remember, beauty is diversity!

Love, light, and blessings!

Your BOHO wearing hippie loving vegan,



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