September 08, 2020 1 min read

Happy Tuesday and have you missed me? OK didn’t even know I was gone did you?  I have been gallivanting all across Canada or at least Ontario and New Brunswick for the past 10 days. I know I have been posting but all food and no style so bit of a change right?  Well today I am back home and ringing in the start of a new work week in Eva Trends.  This Grey sweater dress is so comfy, just what the doc ordered for a slow work day.



Eva Trends and Sweater Dresses.

The grey Slit knitted dress which was a dream to wear.  Comfortable, loose yet still fashionable.  Plus it washes like a dream. True confession, I know it says hand wash only but I cheated.  I got a dip on the sleeve and was so worried I threw it in the washer and dryer. Came out perfectly.

As for sizing well, I honestly should have sized down. I selected the medium but I really think small would have been more than ample. That’s the extra bonus ordering a small.  I mean honestly it’s been a while since I was a small so that makes me really happy. Maybe I have lost a few more pounds than I thought.

So back to the dress, comfortable, stylish and washes like a dream. It also comes in pink so how fun is that?  Don’t forget I did receive the dress from Eva Trends to review but they have generously provided a discount code, if you like this or anything else on their site.  LC15(15% off per customer).


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