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The world has gone crazy and I am sharing outfit pictures.  How seriously messed up is that?  I thought long and hard about posting today. Do I go frivolous and share my Eva Trends Grey Sweater Dress or do I talk about the world?

Or do I actually do both?  Can’t one share a little fun while engaging in the serious?  Do we not need something other than fear and terror and shock?  Hell yes I say. If the world has gone crazy over Toilet paper than I can share a dress.

eva trends grey sweater dress

The Ever Present Spring Spot

Before I talk Eva Trends and this grey dress or even world peace I am going to talk spots.  Y’all know its Spring when the big dot appears in my pictures.  It is not ever present but its a random phenomena that occurs at the first signs of Spring.  Like the ground hog seeing his shadow, the irritating spot comes back after time change and a sunny day.

I know also that I should edit it out but man that’s an irritating bit of editing on stripes. Yet to figure out what causes this, I have cleaned the lens, scrubbed the filter and yet it still appears. For today I shall just accept that there are far worse things happening in the world than a spot on a dress.

eva trends grey

Corona and the World Today

How is your world or piece of the Universe?  My employer has been amazing.  Jumping immediately into proactive vs reactive mode.  All the employees have been sent home to work as of Friday. Arrangements have been made to stop travel and face to face meetings.  Conferences and conventions have been delayed.

When the schools closed we gave staff the ability to stay with them and work around their schedules.  If ]there was no work leave was authorized.  This is the way to stop the spread. Don’t threaten, don’t force, enable and empower the people to stay safe.  Too bad the Government isn’t doing the same.

It is shocking to me that the Federal government for all the rhetoric it is spotting still expects their staff to work.  The lack of effective communication or a directed plan has the employees scrambling to understand.  I drove to the office today as I have one employee needing to be in the office. To say I was shocked at the number of cars on the highway is an understatement.  Here is hoping the federal employees start getting treated properly.

Toilet Paper and Pasta

What started the run on toilet paper, no pun intended.  For a cough, fever virus I am not sure tp is helpful. Reading all the comments on social media I didn’t quite believe it. In my mind this was happening elsewhere, I thought ( forgive me folks) oh those crazy Americans, what are they doing.  Then I realized no my feed was filled with crazy Canadians.  But then again, I am writing about an Eva Trends Sweater Dress while the world is spiraling so what does that make me.  Crazy Canuck over here

Then I thought OK but that is in Toronto and Vancouver,  Ottawa people aren’t crazy.  And then I went to the grocery store. Not just no toilet paper and Lysol wipes but no potatoes, pasta or soup.  Forget bread or even eggs and milk.  Then I hit the baking aisle and there was no flour. It’s a two week social isolation people not the Apocalypse. Or maybe it is.

2020 has been the Y2K we all feared in 2000. The world as we know it,is changing. And not for the better necessarily.

The Kindness of Strangers

This is a test, it will be our kindness that defines us.  It i not about how much toilet paper I have, because honestly I will find a substitute if necessary. I will not be defined by my Lysol, or bread or even milk.  I will be defined by how I help my neighbour. How I react when the crazy hits home.

I am scared, not for me but for those around me.  I am terrified that in parts of the US gun sales have people lined around the block.  We have not declared martial law, we have asked people to remain socially isolated for a brief period of time. Go home and spend time with your family use to be something we craved.  When did the thought of quality family time drive us to hoarding and guns and horrid capitalistic ventures.

Next time you are heading to the store look around you.  Does a neighbour need help.  Maybe a friend or a family member could use a few items. Or here is something novel, maybe you could just call, or facetime and provide a time of social interaction when we are all distancing.  Isolation doesn’t have to mean alone.

 grey sweater dress

Eva Trends and Sweater Dresses.

The grey Slit knitted dress which was a dream to wear.  Comfortable, loose yet still fashionable.  Plus it washes like a dream. True confession, I know it says hand wash only but I cheated.  I got a dip on the sleeve and was so worried I threw it in the washer and dryer. Came out perfectly.

As for sizing well, I honestly should have sized down. I selected the medium Eva Trends Sweater Dress but I really think small would have been more than ample. That’s the extra bonus ordering a small.  I mean honestly it’s been a while since I was a small so that makes me really happy. Maybe I have lost a few more pounds than I thought.

So back to the dress, comfortable, stylish and washes like a dream. It also comes in pink so how fun is that?

eva trends dress eva trends grey sweater dress 33 fun in eva trends grey sweater dress

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