In My Heart Women's Cotton Overalls

Our In My Heart Women's Cotton Overalls are a perfect addition to any wardrobe. This product features a relaxed fit, unisex design and the option for one or two pockets. It has plenty of room for you to move and breathe freely without getting overheated, so you can wear these all day long without worrying about feeling too hot or uncomfortable.
  • Material: cotton
  • Color: blue
  • Style Type: Retro
  • Style: overalls

Size Details ( One Size [ CM to INCH ] )

  • Pants Length: 128-135cm / 50.3-53.1inch
  • Hips: 122cm / 48.0inch
  • Waist: 104cm / 40.94inch
  • Thigh: 72cm / 28.3inch