SKU: EVA1443-S

All In One Women's Polyester Loose Kimono Gowns


The All In One Women's Polyester Loose Kimono Gowns are trendy and comfortable loungewear options designed for women who love a street hipster style. Made from high-quality polyester material, these kimono gowns offer a lightweight and flowy feel, perfect for relaxation and casual wear.Available in a range of stylish colors including khaki, purple, green, blue, and navy, these kimono gowns cater to different preferences and outfit choices. Each color adds its own unique touch to the overall look, allowing you to express your personal style effortlessly.The loose fit of these kimono gowns ensures a relaxed and comfortable wearing experience. They drape elegantly on the body, providing freedom of movement and allowing for easy layering with other garments. Whether you want to wear them as loungewear or as a fashionable outer layer, these gowns offer versatility and a stylish street hipster vibe.

  • Material: polyester
  • Color: khaki / purple / green / blue / navy
  • Fit: loose
  • Style: street hipster
  • Pattern: mermaid

Size Details (S / M / L )

  • Length: 80cm / 31.4inch Shoulder: 63cm / 24.8inch Bust: 122cm / 48.0inch Sleeve: 31cm / 12.2inch (S)
  • Length: 81cm / 31.8inch Shoulder: 64cm / 25.1inch Bust: 126cm / 49.6inch Sleeve: 32cm / 12.6inch (M)
  • Length: 82.5cm / 32.4inch Shoulder: 65.5cm / 25.7inch Bust: 132cm / 51.9inch Sleeve: 33.5cm / 31.1inch (L)