SKU: EVA1372-M

A Beautiful Day Women's Denim Overalls Dungarees


Introducing the "A Beautiful Day Women's Denim Overalls Dungarees" - the perfect blend of vintage charm and contemporary fashion. Crafted with high-quality denim, these overalls are designed to provide both style and comfort for the modern woman.The primary material used in the construction of these overalls is denim, known for its durability and timeless appeal. The blue color adds a classic touch, making it versatile and easy to pair with various tops and accessories.The style of these overalls is inspired by retro fashion, giving them a nostalgic vibe. They feature a classic overall design, with adjustable shoulder straps and a bib front. The front bib pocket adds functionality and adds to the overall aesthetic.The adjustable shoulder straps allow for a customizable fit, ensuring a comfortable experience for wearers of different body types. The overall silhouette provides a relaxed and laid-back look while maintaining a sense of style.

  • Material: denim
  • Color: blue
  • Style: overalls
  • Style Type: retro

Size Details ( M / L

  • Length: 138cm / 54.3inch Hips: 124cm / 48.8inch Thighs: 68cm / 26.7inch (M)
  • Length: 140cm / 55.1inch Hips: 128cm / 50.3inch Thighs: 70cm / 27.5inch (L)